Andrea De La Torre First Place 2012

The first place winner in the Elementary School Essay Contest division is Andrea De La Torre. She is a 5th grader at Jackson Elementary, where Mr. Ramon Villela is her classroom teacher (who also emailed us to confirm Andrea’s status as a finalist! He was excited and so are we!) We would like to thank Principal Ms. Rita Exposito for encouraging her students and staff to participate this year in the contest. Below is Andrea’s essay, reprinted by permission.

Dr. King’s Heroic Actions

Without Dr. Martin Luther King’s courage and wonderful leadership, how do you think our lives would have been like today? Our country now has less racism because everybody has the same opportunities as everybody else. We also now have equal rights because of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We all use the same facilities as anybody else. Dr. King gave us the freedom of choice and we can create speeches without fear. Furthermore, we can all give speeches with passion and courage. These days more people work together from different races and get paid based on “their character,” not their skin color. Do you have friends of a different race? If you do it’s because of Dr. King’s heroic actions to end segregation. Here in America, our president Mr. Obama isn’t Caucasian, he is African American and a magnificent leader.

Do you hope the future will be even better than it is today? In the future I hope anybody can attend any college they want regardless of race. [quote float=”right”]Furthermore, even more kids of different races can be friends and play together. In the future we all want to accomplish our goals and dreams just like Dr. King did.[/quote] In the future there will hopefully be less hatred, which leads to killings, which we don’t want or need. When we accomplish a goal for instance, getting a job, there will be equal pay for men and women and all people from different races. In your neighborhoods there will be different races with love and no hatred like Dr. King said “Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” When you get married, it doesn’t matter what race they are.

All in all, the present is better than the past and the future will be better than the present. We will give Dr. King his “promise land” and we will have more love in our world. Our world will keep honoring Dr. King’s actions and will for many generations, and generations, and generations. Long-live our non-violence and non-racist world. ♦ Andrea De La Torre

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